Company Philosophy

Our management philosophy is "Heart"

All executives and staff members of our company are closely united to improve management culture and financial structure, and pursue co-existence and co-prosperity with all stakeholders, such and neighboring communities and individual stockholders. We also attempt to broaden and develop our business span as a corporate goal.
Our management philosophy "Heart" guides us to implement these commitments. "Heart" symbolizes our resolution that all executives and staff members treat our families, friends, acquaintances and many others related to our company through Nuts with all our "Heart", from the depths of our "Heart", and in our enriched "Heart".
Also, the five alphabets of H-E-A-R-T represents five of our desires.


We are a business that brings materially and spiritually "Happy" to all people connected to us.


We are a business that creates the future and continues to deliver products that can incite Inspiration and Empathy"


We do "Active" Business that can turn dreams and hopes into a reality.


We never stop providing "Real" goods that are friendly to the natural and social environment, and are defined by high quality, excellent functions and supreme safety.


We are a business that ensures transparency and security of management, and meets the "Trust" of all stakeholders, such as stockholders and investors.

We implement those five wishes represented by H-E-A-R-T day in day out.
This way, we perform our social responsibility. We believe it is the corporate mission of Nuts. All of our stockholders and many associates are kindly requested to advise and support us from now on as well.