Company Outline

August 1977Established
August 1982Launched video software and record rental business
September 1989Established Topboy FC Headquarter
Started selling home-use game software and machines
Opened the first directly-managed store
July 1991The number of stores achieved 50
April 1993The number of stores achieved 100
August 1993Moved the headquarter to Totsuka ward, Yokohama
March 1995The number of stores achieved 150
March 1996Increased capital to 76 million yen
July 1998Changed the trade name to “Topboy Inc.”
September 1999Listed on the JASDAQ stock market
Increased capital to 596 million yen
May 2000Launched a new line of business "e-pallet"
April 2001Established Topboy Osaka sales office (Izumisano, Osaka)
August 2002Increased capital to 661 million yen by a private placement
October 2002Increased capital to 1 billion 261 million yen by a private placement
March 2003Acquired 100% ownership of Japan Amusement Agency through a share exchange Decided to introduce stock options
April 2003Newly established Digital Contents Business Department and Character Business Department
June 2003Changed the trade name to "Commonwealth Entertainment & Co."
July 2003Move the head office to Minato ward, Tokyo
DittoIncreased capital to 1 billion 512 million yen
March 2005Increased capital to 2 billion 545 million yen
January 2006capital to 2 billion 690 million yen
May 2016capital to 3 billion 68 million yen
September 2016Changed the trade name to "Nuts Inc."
November 2016capital to 3billion 568million 90thousand yen
February 2017Acquired 100% ownership of JB Planning Inc.
October 2017Established Medical Related Division and Alliance Division
November 2017Established a subsidiary company, VIDEBIMUS INC.
May 2018capital to 4billion 371million 23thousand yen